Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use your site/open packs, etc?

Our site is simple. Everything is done with FC website credits. You have your own website account balance which you can use to spend on packs, play wagers and more. If you dont have enough credits in your balance, you just go to your account page and use the "Deposit" button to exchange FUT coins for FC credits. Withdrawals work in the opposite way. You can take out FC credits from your site account, and have FUT coins placed into your FIFA ultimate team account! You may also purchase FC website credits with real money.

2. Can I buy packs with money?

You may purchase FC site credits in order to open packs/play other games, as an alternative to depositing your FUT coins. All payments are done through our payment processor, G2APAY, which accepts paypal, skrill, paysafecard, credit cards and more!

3. How long does it take to use/get my coins?

Our withdrawal process is fully automated and thus coins should be paid out to you within seconds/minutes. If there is an issue with our website, you may experience a delay, in which case though we would be working very hard to fix said issues and send your coins to you.

4. Is this website legit?

We are fully "legit". Our service is automated so there is no unnecessary waiting on your winnings and we are used by thousands of FIFA players. If you are a bit skeptical, test us out with a small deposit to the site. Try opening a 25k pack for instance.

5. How can I contact you?

The best way to contact us is via TWITTER. You can ofcourse email us though, . We aim to respond to all users within 24 hours.

6. Why aren't deposits/withdrawals working?

This most likely means the EA servers are down or we are experiencing heave site traffic volume. The best thing to do is to check our twitter for updates! If you feel like you are the only one having the issue, shoot us an email.

7. Can I open legend packs/pack legends on playstation consoles?

Yes you can, we use their xbox prices to determine their value though of-course.

8. I packed a player and the price value you gave him was way off. Will you compensate me?

If this happens, do not worry. Sometimes our prices may be off on a few players, but it does not make a difference because of the way our packs are structured. Our packs have randomly generated TOTAL VALUES, not players. The players inside the pack are simply ones the system picks to match the total value of the pack. If you packed a player worth 50k but his real price is 100k, you would not have packed him if we had listed him as being worth 100k. This is because the pack generator was looking for a 50k player to give you, it would have just picked another player who is actually worth 50k. So no we will not compensate you as you will not be at any loss.